Thursday, January 28, 2010

the art

tonight we had an artist dinner featuring people within the company. there were several different mediums shown, all completely different (some amazing jewelry was shown but i wasn't able to take photos of it). mike and i drew great inspiration from all the works and crafted a menu around them (below).

the menu

-smoked celery root soup, warmed oyster, whiskey braised pineapple and celery
-roasted squab, chickpeas, frisee, finger limes and black sesame tahini
-braised pork cheek and confit octopus, fennel and black pickled ginger
-seared waygu chuck, honey braised chipolinni onions, hijiki and pomegranate
-malt cake, whipped cupuacu, banana and vanilla ice cream

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

new foie gras dish

foie gras tourchon, whiskey sponge cake, puffed barley, crystalized maple and sage

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

our mangalitsa pig tasting menu.
-chorizo macaroon and pine cured ham
-whipped lardo, winter radishes, sea beans, sorrel and celery leaf, aged sherry vinager
-testa tortellini, hominy, pozole consomme
-braised ham, slow cooked egg yolk in bread crumbs, black garlic jam and red eye gravy
-choucroute of blood sausage, braised rib and bacon
-roasted sirloin, 'apple pie' and salted plums
-satsuma sorbet with Katsman's coppa and saba
-pineapple tartine, ham hock ice cream and caramel
-malted pork skin and bacon caramel chocolate petit fours

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